Centre de la mine et du chemin de Fer Oignies

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Location: Rue Emile Zola, 62590 Oignies.
(50.472563, 2.996442)
Open: MAY to OCT 2nd Sun 14-18.
Fee: Adults EUR 5, Children (6-16) EUR 2.50, Children (0-5) free.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 4, Children (0-16) EUR 2.
Classification: SubterraneaMining Museum MineCoal Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided. Guided: D=2 h, Min=20.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: Centre de la mine et du chemin de Fer Oignies, Rue Emile Zola, 62590 Oignies, Tel: +33-321-69-42-04.
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1993 non-profit CMCF Oignies association founded.


Centre de la mine et du chemin de Fer Oignies (Mine and Railway Centre Oignies) is the home of the CMCF Oignies association, a non-profit association which collects, repairs and operates mining trains. Mines during the 20th century depended on their mine trains which were used to transport miners, material, and ore or coal. The carts were optimized for the respective load, the locomotives were electric, diesel powered, or even with steam engines in the early days. The trains use narrow gauge, because the size of the mine tunnels is limited.

We were not sure if we should list this museum, because showcaves.com is dedicated to underground site, and there is no underground section here. But there is a strong connection to the local mining, as the trains are all mine trains, and the home is the carreau de la fosse 2 (Pit 2) of the Oignies mines. The former colliery building hosts also the Association of Friends of Mines and the Association of Rail Postal Ambulants.

The museum is open only once a month, on the second Sunday, but this dey is special, because each time there is the possibility to see mine trains running and to take a ride. There are steam locomotives which are models in the scale 1:3 to 1:11, but they are fully functional, and they are demonstrated. The association has a special workshop for the members who build such models. The museum also has a section for small scale models, the typical childrens toys, but they have model railway networks and machines at five different scales.