La Maison des Pierreux

Musée des Pierreux

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Location: Massangis, département Yonne, Basse-Bourgogne.
Open: MAY to AUG Sat, Sun, Hol 14:30-19.
SEP to APR for groups after appointment.
Fee: Adults EUR 3, Children (0-15) free.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 2.
Classification: SubterraneaRock Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: La Maison des Pierreux, 63 Grande Rue, 89440 Massangis, Tel: +33-386-338561, Tel: +33-386-338828. E-mail: contact
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This museum is dedicated to the underground quarrying of limestone. Since the 12th century several quarries were opened and abandoned. During the 19th century mostly farmers were earning some money by quarring during certain times of the year. The families were Fèvre, Pagani, Civet-Pommier, Cunault, Derville, and Rocamat. Most of the time the quarrying was done with simple tools, based almost completely on the muscle power of the quarry worker. Obviously this method was both exhausting and dangerous. There are still quarries, but despite modern machines the work stays dangerous until today.

The Maison des Pierreux (museum of the quarrying) is dedicated to the hard working men who worked under difficult working conditions. The permanent exhibition shows the tools, the equipment and rocks. Photographs give an idea of the conditions during the last century.