Les Caves Monmousseau

Useful Information

Location: Montrichard
Open: APR to 12-NOV daily 10-19, last tour 18.
13-NOV to MAR Mon-Fri 10-12, 14-17.
Groups after appointment.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar ExplainRoom and Pillar Mining
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=15,000 m, T=12 °C.
Guided tours: L=800 m.
Address: Les Caves Monmousseau, 71 route de Vierzon, 41400 Montrichard, Tel: +33-254-323515, Fax: +33-254-325609. E-mail: contact
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1886 founded by Alcide Monmousseau.


Les Caves Monmousseau are the cellars of the Monmousseau vinery, a 15 km long labyrinth of passages hewn out of the soft chalk of the Loire hills. An 800 m loop is prepared for visitors, who will be introduced to the so-called Méthode Traditionnelle. This is the way how Champagne is made, invented by Dom Perignon and Madame Clicquot in the Champagne. The same method is used here, as all over the world.

The vinery was founded by Alcide Monmousseau in 1886, who opened his wine business in a rock quarry, where chalk had been mined before. The quarry was started for the Loire Chateaux and provided the necessary stones, but when the chateaux was completed there was no need for it any more. There were 15 km of abandoned passages created in room and pillar technique. The next owner was Justin Marcel Monmousseau, who introduced the production of sparkling wine after the Méthode Traditionnelle in 1930.