Pigeonnier de la Niverdière

Useful Information

Location: Dénezé-sous-Doué, departement Maine-et-Loire. On a small road near Forges.
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaRock Mine
Light: not necessary/bring torch
Guided tours:
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La Niverdière is a subterranean dovecote, which is extremely rare. There seem to be various equivalent names in French, so we suppose when you look for the name on road signs or in brochures, watch out for the la Niverdière part. The names we found are pigeonnier de la Niverdière, fuie souterraine de la Niverdière, and colombier souterrains de la Niverdière.

The dovecote was once the part of a castle, which has disappeared today. It is a single huge underground chamber with octagonal shape, eight meters deep and 1,800 dove holes on the walls. Two arches support the overhanging roof and give the chamber a chapel-like look.

The dovecote was renovated by the municipality of Dénezé-sous-Doué and is now visible for free.