L'Helice Terrestre de L'Orbière

Useful Information

Location: At Saint-Georges-des-Sept-Voies, Maine-et-Loire, near Gennes, Loire.
Open: MAY to SEP daily 11-20. OCT to APR daily 14-18. [2007]
Fee: Adults EUR 4, Children (6-13) EUR 2.
Groups (+): Adults EUR 3.
Classification: Artificial caves in sandstone.
Guided tours: D=60 min.
Address: Dominique Frétard Hélice terrestre, l'Orbière, Espace d'art plastique contemporain, 49350 Saint-Georges-des-Sept-Voies, Maine-et-Loire. Tel: +33-24157-9592, Fax: +33-24157-9512.
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1996 Jacques Warminski died.


This is a rather new cave, a modern sculpture by the artist Jacques Warminski. He worked five years to build this cavern sculpture or art cave.

Jacques Warminski studied at l'Ecole Boulle, but he left the school early. He always ignored cultural institutions and elected officials, and worked in loneliness. He worked for several years to build this maze of caves.

The largest cavern is l'hélice terrestre, a huge shaft with sculpures all over the wall and openings to the surface.

A special event for this sitze was the total solar eclipse on 11-AUG-1999. The caves have several several openings, to let the sun shine in, reminding on prehistoric tombs, which have openings to make astronomic observations. So this place was a destination for new age fans and tourists.