Métro de Paris

Paris Métro - Métropolitain

Useful Information

Location: City of Paris.
Open: All year daily 5:30-1:30.
Fee: Day ticket 2 zones EUR 7,50, Single trip two zones EUR 1,90. [2019]
Classification: SubterraneaUnderground Railway
Light: electric
Dimension: L=214km.
Guided tours: n/a
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: mostly accessible
Address: Métro de Paris, RATP Customer Service, TSA 81250, 75564 PARIS Cedex 12, Tel: +33-1-3424.
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19-JUL-1900 first line opened to the public.


The Métropolitaine de Paris, short Métro, is the subway of the city Paris. Opened in 1900 it is now almost 120 years old. A total of 214 kilometres of railroads connect 302 stations all over the city. With 1.520 billion passengers [2015] it is the 2nd busiest metro system in Europe, after the Moscow Metro, and the 10th busiest in the world.

Quite famous are the historic entrances of the stations in the center, which were built in the style of Art Nuveau. The first line, Porte Maillot–Porte de Vincennes, was constructed for the 1900 World's Fair (Exposition Universelle).

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