Maison de la Pierre de Volvic

La Grotte de la Pierre de Volvic

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Location: 2 Route du pont Jany, 63530 Volvic, Département Puy-de-Dôme.
(45.871982, 3.031600)
Open: 07-FEB to 06-APR Tue, Wed, Thu 11-13, 14-17.
08-APR to 07-JUL daily 11-18.
08-JUL to AUG daily 10-19.
SEP daily 11-13, 14-18.
OCT to 15-OCT Mon-Fri, Sun 14-18.
22-OCT to 05-NOV daily 11-18.
Fee: Adults EUR 9, Children (5-12) EUR 7, Children (0-4) free.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 8.10, Children (5-12) EUR 6.30.
Classification: SubterraneaRock Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: A=503 m asl, T=10 °C.
Guided tours: D=75 min, L=200 m, St=40.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: La Grotte de la Pierre de Volvic, 2 route du Rue du Pont Jany, 63530 Volvic, Tel: +33-4-73-33-56-92. E-mail:
Association pour la Promotion de la Pierre de Volvic, BP 2, 63530 Volvic, Tel: +33-473-335692, Fax: +33-473-622381. E-mail: contact
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13th century start of mining.
19th century heyday of the mining.
1752 the naturalist Monsieur Guettard discovered the volcanic origin of the Chaîne des Puys.
1899 because of a water shortage Jean Legay-Chevalier drills a 45 m deep well and discovers groundwater.
1922 old well reactivated.
1929 village supplied with water from the well.
1971 first plans to create the museum.
1979 opened to the public.
2007 museum renovated and reopened.


In this 700 year old underground quarry the pierre de Volvic (rock of Volvic) or lave de Volvic (lava from Volvic) was mined. This is an ancient lava flow of the volcano Nugère, which cooled down and formed a thick layer of basaltic rock. But this is not a common basalt but trachyandesite. It was mostly used for sculptures and reliefs.

The museum is dedicated to men who cut the rock. It was created by the Association pour la Promotion de la Pierre de Volvic (Association for the Promotion of Pierre de Volvic). The guided tour is an informative introduction in local geology or volcanology, the forming of the rock, the ancient mining methods, and the various uses of the rock. It includes a huge underground part, the underground quarry.

The 19th century mining is explained by the story of Jean Legay-Chevalier. He was the owner of the quarry Pierre de Volvic around 1900 and an important man. He was also wine grower, professor at the Ecole d'Architecture (School of Architecture) and known for his social commitment. He invested in various projects to improve the living and working conditions. He invented a dismountable wooden crane for his quarry, which was called cheval de bois (wooden horse) and initiated the construction of the railway Batignoles from Riom to Volvic. But his probably most spectacular and influential discovery was the discovery of an underground brook in the volcanic rock. In 1899 was a water shortage at Volvic, but water was needed for the quarry works, to cool the steel wire ropes of the saws. The geologist Monsieur Gautier worked on this area and he supposed there was an underground layer of water. So Jean Legay-Chevalier started to drill a well, but it was dry to a depth of 45 m. When they had reached the ground water, the entrepreneur ran out of money, he had already spent 6,000 francs, an enormous sum for this time.

The small village Volvic is today well known all over the world for its mineral water. The water is a result of the geologic history of the area, which is mostly of volcanic origin. The water flows through volcanic rocks which is said to give the special and healthy mineral content to the water.

Volvic is worldwide known for its water, but it is also the home of stone trades with its world of quarry-workers, sculptors and lava enamellers...

A Thousand Years Old Origin...

The House of the Stone is located in Volvic, north to la Chaîne des Puys. It is a former quarry made of tunnels and digged by men in the heart of the stream of la Nugère's volcano which blasted 13 000 years ago. This walk-through offers an original immersion at the core of this stream fashioned by the strength of courageous men that had considered the value of this ageless stone...

A Promising First Initiative

In 1979, l'Association pour la Promotion de la Pierre de Volvic (the association for the promotion campaign for Volvic's stone) was aware of the spot's legacy potential and opens la Maison de la Pierre (the House of the Stone) to the public. Within a 26-year lifespan, the walk-through which was offered has charmed more than a million visitors.

The House of the Stone is Given a Second Youth in 2007

Alterations have been made by the Communauté de Communes Volvic Sources et Volcans (Community of Villages of Volvic's springs and volcanoes) to give a new life to the walk-through of la Maison de la Pierre. The site has opened its doors again in April 2007 in a scenovision form.

Text provided by Amélie Escurat (2015). With kind permission.