Cave du Prieuré

Priory Cellar

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Location: Vinsobres
Open: All year Mon-Fri 9-12:30, 14-18:30, Sat, Sun, Hol 9-12, 14-18.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Cave du Prieuré, 26110 Vinsobres, Tel: +33-475-276011, Fax: +33-475-276707.
Cellier Des Dauphins, BP 16, 26790 Tulette, Tel: +33-475-962000, Fax: +33-475-973342. E-mail: contact
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1957 the village receives the "Côtes du Rhône Villages" appellation.
1959 Prieuré Cellar founded by some hundred wine growers.


The Cave du Prieuré (Priory Cellar) was named after an 12th century priory which once was located nearby. It is long abandoned and today used as a protestant church. The cellar is much younger, it was founded by some hundred wine growers from the area in 1959, after they had recieved the "Côtes du Rhône Villages" appellation in 1957. The idea was to produce high quality wine by maturing the best cuvées in oak barrels. Therefore they needed the huge cellar.

The cellar is still a working cellar but it may be visited partly. There is a exhibition and the obligatory wine tasting and buying at the end of the tour.