Caves de Rauzan

Useful Information

Location: 1 L'Aiguilley, 33420 Rauzan.
40 km east of Bordeaux and 15 km from Saint-Emilion.
(44.778578, -0.116367)
Open: JUL to AUG Wed 10.
Rauzan Store: All year Mon-Sat 9-12:30, 14-18.
Fee: Tour free, Tasting free.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=90 min, Tasting 30 min.
Photography: not allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Caves de Rauzan, 1 L'Aiguilley, 33420 Rauzan, Tel: +33-557-84-13-22. E-mail:
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1933 winegrowers from Rauzan found the Caves de Rauzan.
1936 cooperative Cave de Nérigean founded by local wine growers.
1937 cooperative Cave Coopérative de Grangeneuve founded.
2008 merger of the vineyards of the cooperatives Rauzan and Grangeneuve.
2016 Cave de Nérigean from New Zealand joins in.


The Caves de Rauzan is the biggest winery producing AOC wines in France. The cellar tour is only partly underground, the red Bordeaux wines are produced in huge stainless steel tanks and aged in more than 6,000 oak barrels in the cellar. The winery is a cooperative of 340 winegrowers, the tour is always guided by one of them. The tours are available only during the summer holidays and prebooking is essential, but the tour is free. The adults get an optional wine tasting afterwards, which is not free.

The winery Caves de Rauzan is located in the wine-growing region Entre Deux Mers. The clay and limestone soils of the Bordelais offer ideal conditions for a wide variety of wines. It is known for its white wines Sauvignon Blanc or Sémillon Blanc as well as for red wines such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. In the 1930s three cooperatives were founded by local wine growers, which joined in 2008. After the Cave de Nérigean joined in 2016 the cooperative 340 winegrowers cultivate more than 3,600 hectares in the heart of the Bordelais. The wines are aged in barrique barrels in the huge cellar which was built in 1933 by the Caves de Rauzan cooperative.

The winery also has a wine shop, which sells the full range of Bordeaux wines produced by the winery. This includes red, white, and rosé wines, also gastronomic specialties like pâté and jam, and various wine accessories and glassware. They also offer year round wine tastings. And it is possible to buy the wines in the online shop.