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Location: Reims, 4, rue des Crayères.
Open: After appointment.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: VR=30 m, T=11 °C.
Guided tours: (Français - French English Deutsch - German Netherlands - Dutch Español - Spanish Italiano - Italian)
Address: Champagne Ruinart, 4 rue des Crayères, 51100 Reims, Tel: +33-326-775151, Fax: +33-326-828843. E-mail: contact
Champagne Ruinart, 4 rue des Crayères, 51053 Reims Cedex.
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1729 founded.


The oldest cellars of Ruinart are the deepest and most beautiful of all the Crayères in the Champagne, proclaimed a national historic monument. They are entered by climbing down a phantastic rough-hewn stairway. The visits are available only after appointment, but they are worth the effort. Tours are guided in French, English, German, Dutch or Italian.

A part of the cellars is available for parties, receptions, weddings and so forth. The wine vaults seat 150 persons for concerts or 100 on tables of eight for parties. The dining room is used for parties of up to 50 persons. The biggest room is the Cellier des Foudres for up to 200 people, a rustic ballroom with wooden vaults along the walls an modern infrastructure for talks and seminars. The Lounge Bar is used only for finger buffet for up to 40 persons.