Champignonnière du Saut-aux-Loups

Useful Information

Location: Montsoreau
Open: Museum: MAR to 15-NOV daily 10-18.
Restaurant: MAR to mid-JUN Sat, Sun, Hol lunch.
Mid-JUN to mid-SEP Mon, Wed, Thus, Sat, Sun, Hol lunch and dinner.
Mid-SEP to NOV Sat, Sun, Hol lunch.
Fee: Museum: Adults EUR 5.90, Children EUR 4.50, Students EUR 4.50.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 4.90, Children EUR 3.90.
Classification: MineLimestone Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Champignonnière du Saut-aux-Loups, Route de Saumur, 49730 Montsoreau, Tel: +33-241-517030, Fax: +33-241-381530. E-mail: contact
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The Champignonnière du Saut-aux-Loups is a mushroom farm, museum, and restaurant located inside a former underground quarry. Two hectares of Medieval underground chambers are used for the growing of mushrooms, a part is an underground museum. The exhibition includes local archaeology, fossils and flints, Medieval quarrying methods, and mushroom growing.

The restaurant has a small room in a former cave house. There is a medium sized chamber for 45 persons and a banquet hall for up to 120 guests. A large terrace overlooks the Loire.

The name Champignonnière du Saut-aux-Loups translates Mushroom Farm of the Leaping Wolf. The mascot of the restaurant is a cartoon wolf, but actually Saut-aux-Loups means somersault. It is a term from mushroom growing: when the mushrooms reach a certain size, they fall down by their own weight with a somersault.