Chateau Villemaurine

Villemaurine Cellars

Useful Information

Location: Saint-Emilion
Open: Mid-APR to mid-NOV Tue-Sun 9:30-19.
Cellar tours in French: Tue, Wed 10, 16:30, Thu-Sun 10:30, 15:30, 17:30.
Cellar tours in English: Tue, Wed 11:30, 14:30, Thu-Sun 11:30, 14:30, 16:30.
Booking is advisable.
Fee: Adults EUR 12, Children (12-17) EUR 6, Children (0-11) free.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 10.
Classification: SubterraneaCellar
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System LightSon et Lumière
Guided tours: D=60 min.
Address: Château Villemaurine, 23 Villemaurine Sud, 33330 Saint-Emilion, Tel: +33-557-744730. E-mail: contact
Booking: Tel: +33-557-747436, Fax: +33-557-747437. E-mail: contact
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Château Villemaurine is a family estate producing fine Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is aged in underground cellars located on the northeastern edge of the city Saint-Émilion. The wineyard streches towards Château Trotteville. It is owned by the merchant Robert Giraud who bought it in 1970.

The cellars were open for visitors after appointment, but since 2011 there is an official underground tour. It is a one-hour-long multimedia show, which the French call son-et-lumiere (sound-and-light). Pictures are projected at the cellar walls, there is music, and a narrator explains the history of Saint-Emilion. According to legend a lone monk founded the town. The cellars were dug by quarrying the rock for buildings.