Vimy Memorial - Grange Tunnel

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Location: Vimy, north of Arras.
Open: APR to 15-NOV daily. [2007]
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09-APR-1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge.


The Vimy Memorial is located near Vimy, north of Arras, and commemorates one of the big battles of World War I. A part of the monument are the remains of the Grange Tunnel System. This was part of a huge system of tunnels from Arras to the frontier, which was built for the Battle of Arras. It includes underground hospitals, infrastructure, and tunnels to transport soldiers secretly and safe to the frontier. For more info see the page on the MineWellington Caves.

The underground passages at Vimy include the Grange Subway, a 250 m long tunnel for soldiers which is preserved. The tunnels at Vimy were dug by the 172nd Tunnelling Company of the British Royal Engineers, with the help of the men of the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade.

Battle of Vimy Ridge was part of a series of battles. It lasted for three days, and at the end the four Canadian Divisions had driven the Germans from the Ridge. This was the first major Canadian victory of the War.