South Crofty Mine

Useful Information

Location: Tuckingmill decline.
Open: weekdays, only by appointment. [2004]
Fee: Monday to Friday: Adults GBP 5, Children (0-14) GBP 3.50, Family (2+2) GBP 15.
Weekends: Adults GBP 7.50, Children (0-14) GBP 5, Family (2+2) GBP 23.
Classification: MineTin Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=482,000 m.
Guided tours: L=46 m.
Address: Baseresult Holdings Ltd, South Crofty Mine, Dudnance Lane, Pool, Redruth, TR153QT, Tel: +44-1209-715777, Fax: +44-1209-716777. E-mail: contact
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1991 bought by Baseresult Holdings Ltd.
1998 closed as a working mine.
OCT-2003 pumping out the mine started.
OCT-2003 opened to the public.



South Crofty was Europe's last tin mine when it was closed as a working mine in 1998. This was the end of three millennia of tin mining tradition in Cornwall.

The latest activities at South Crofty seem to revive the tin mining. In October 2003 the new owner Baseresult Holdings Ltd started to pump out the mine by building a new adit. The new actvity is a result of a recent increas in tin price and the development of new techniques for cheaper mining. The owner hope to produce for around 2600 GBP per ton, which is below the lowest price during 2001. But since mid 2002 the tin price rises again and reached 9000 GBP per ton in spring 2004. This would make the mine very profitable. But it will take several years until this mine will produce tin again. First 20,000 kubic meters of water have to be pumped out, and

At the same time, October 2003, the mine was opened to tourists. The first 46 m of the mine are accessible, but only after appointment.