Noirmont Command Bunker

Battery Lothringen

Useful Information

Location: Noirmont Point, St Brelade JE3 8JA, Jersey.
(49.166962, -2.169758)
Open: Only after appointment.
Fee: Adults GBP 5, Children (0-16) free.
Classification: TopicAtlantikwall SubterraneaWorld War II Bunker
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Noirmont Command Bunker, Les Geonnais de Bas, Rue des Geonnais, St Ouen, Jersey, Channel Islands JE3 2BS, Tel: +44-153-4482089.
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1941 first installations completed.
MAR-1943 to MAY-1944 Type M.132 Command bunker built.
09-MAY-1945 Liberation of the Channel Islands.
1950 headland at Noirmont purchased by the States of Jersey.
09-MAY-1970 memorial stone unveiled at Noirmont to mark the 25th anniversary of Liberation.


The Noirmont Command Bunker or Battery Lothringen is located at Noirmont Point. It is also known as M-132 Underground Command Bunker Noirmont Point. The designation M132 is the number on a list of available pre-planned fortifications. Organisation Todt had a sort of catalogue with fortifications and the Atlanikwall was created by plugging together the available designs like a big 3D puzzle. This simplified logistics substantially. After it was built in 1941 they actually named it Batterie Lothringen, after the ship SMS Lothringen. The Type M.132 Command bunker was built between March 1943, and May 1944.

After the Liberation of the Channel Islands, the guns were removed by the British Army. They were discarded at the foot of the cliffs at Les Landes, in St Ouen, later salvaged and are now on display at the Channel Island Military Museum. This is a German artillery command bunker, which is restored with displays, operates as a museum during the tourist season. The site is fully accessible at all times from the public car park at the end of the headland. The interiors are open typically on weekends or by reservation. During the pandemic they were closed. The site is included in the German Occupation – Life in Jersey Tour by Jersey Military Tours.