Scotland's Secret Bunker


Useful Information

Location: Between St Andrews and Anstruther on the B940.
(56.270439, -2.698470)
Open: APR-OCT daily 10-17.
Fee: Adults GBP 5.95. Groups (10+): reduced
Classification: SubterraneaSecret Bunkers
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: D=35 m, for 300 people.
Guided tours:  
Address: Underground Nuclear Command Centre, Crown Buildings, Troywood, St Andrews, Fife KY16 8QH, Tel: +44-1333-310301, Fax: +44-1333-312040. E-mail: contact
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1950s built.
1993 taken off the Official Secrets list.
1994 opened to the public.


Scotland's Secret Bunker is not secret any more. It was hidden very well inside an innocent looking farmhouse, but the changed political situation, the out of date technology and perhaps the lacking financial resources, still made it public. Privatizing this money trap seems a good idea to save tax money and the place is good for an interesting day out too.

The bunker was planned as a hideout for up to 300 members of the Scottish government in the event of a nuclear war. 2,800 phone lines should allow co-ordinating fire-fighting and medical help from here. The machinery to run this bunker is really impressive: the air condition with filters to remove radioactive particles, is able to move 1,500 cubic metre's of air every minute.

The bunker is entered through an innocent looking farmhouse. A 150 m long tunnel leads down to the bunker, which is protected by 3 m thick reinforced concrete. The bunker is entered through blast proof doors weighing three tons. Then the long tunnel leads to the main bunker with its communication centers and switchboards.

On exhibition is also some machinery above the surface. There is a large numer of military vehicles and a unique anti-aircraft missile.