Tsutskhvati Cave

Useful Information

Location: Terjola and Tkibuli regions. From Tkibuli follow road to Racha for 6km. Hike to Tsutskhvati.
Open: after appointment.
Fee: yes.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: VR=300m.
Guided tours:  
Bibliography: D.M. Tushabramishvili (1978): Arkheologicheskie Pamyatniki Tsutskhvatskogo Mnogoetajnogo Peshernogo Kompleksa (Archaeological Sites of the Tsutskhvati Cave Complex), Tbilisi: Metsniereba (141 p.).
Address: Tsutskhvati Cave, Tel: +995-, Fax: +995-,
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1970-1990 excavated.


The vast cave system of the Tsutskhvati Cave complex has 12 levels and a vertical range of 300m. The cave is located about half an hour walk from the village. The cave is developed and closed. As far as we understand there is no individual tourism, so either ask at the village for the guide/key or book a guided day trip, hwich includes the cave visit. Archaeological excavations revealed remains from the Stone Age until the Middle Ages.