Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument

აბანოს მინერალური ტბის ბუნების ძეგლი

Useful Information

Location: At Abano, Kazbegi Municipality, Truso Gorge, left bank of River Terek, to the east from Village Abano (X: 452581 Y: 4715247)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstKarst Spring
Dimension: A=2,127 m asl., Ar=0.04ha
Address: Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument, Kazbegi National Park Administration, Tel: +995-577-961188, E-mail: E-mail:
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This karst spring emerges from Upper Jurassic limestone and looks quite harmles. Actually it is not very impressive. But its water is so high in natural carbon dioxide, it even bubbles. This is a natural carbonated water spring. The amount of carbon dioxide is so high, it accumulates in a layer on the ground around the spring when no wind blows, because of its higher weight. The result is, that small animals suffocate when they get near the lake. Dead mice, lizards, frogs, and birds are quite common around the spring.

This site is quite exceptional, but because of its remote location also very lonely. The town Abano is more or less abandoned, there is only a single house which seems to be some kind of ranger station. The nearest village is Keterisi(?), from there you drive 2.8 km on a dirt road which takes an hour. The dirt road branches of E117, which is a paved road and brings tourist to the ski resorts of the area. However, the snow will make a trip to Abano almost impossible, so we recommend a visit during summer.