Fokis Mining Park

Useful Information

Location: On the road 27 Lamia-Amfissa, 51 km from Lamia.
(38.63218359857362, 22.371575539844216)
Classification: MineClay Mine Bauxite
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=90 min.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Vagonetto, Fokis Mining Park, 33100 Amfissa - Fokis, Tel: +30-22650-78819, Tel: +30-21092-00293, Fax: +30-21092-47168, E-mail: contact
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1924 begin of prospecting.
1927 bauxite discovered.
1934 Silver & Baryte Ores Mining Co. S.A founded.
1967 mining moves to Vagonetto.
1998 begin of development as a show mine.
SEP-2003 opened to the public.



Vagonetto is as far as we know the first and so far only Greek show mine. It was opened by S&B Industrial Minerals S.A., the operator of this bauxite mine, in 2003. It was created in the abandoned Στοά 850 (Tunnel 850), which was the first bauxite mine on this location some 50 years ago. The site is called Μεταλλευτικό Πάρκο Φωκίδας (Fokida Mining Park) or The tour starts with an exhibition and an audiovisual introduction. Visitors are equipped with a helmet and a cape for protection. Then the mine is entered on a mine trains. The underground tours is inside a huge chamber where bauxite was mined.