Grutas de Uaxactún

Useful Information

Location: At Uaxactún, 40 km north of Tikal.
Open: No restrictions
Fee: Adults Q15.
Guided tours:  
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MAY-1916 ruins rediscovered by Sylvanus Morley.
1924 Frans Bloom made a more detailed investigation of the structures and mapped the site.
1926-1937 archaeological excavations by the Carnegie Institution led by Oliver Ricketson.
1970 rough road opened up, connecting Uaxactun to Tikal.
1982 Tikal National Park was expanded to included the ruins of Uaxactun within its protected area.
1984 road improved.


The ancient name for Uaxactún was Siaan K'aan or Born in Heaven. The name Uaxactún was given to the site by its re-discoverer, archeologist Sylvanus Morley from the U.S.A., in May of 1916. The village is famous not only for its Mayan ruins but for its bat cave. Every evening at dusk thousands of bats emerge from this cave.