La Caverna

Useful Information

Location: Museo de la Infancia el Pequeño Sula, San Pedro Sula
(15.479352, -88.034695)
Open: All year Tue-Fri 8-17, Sat 9-17, Sun 10-16.
Fee: Adults HNL 110, Children (0-3) free.
Exhibition Hall HNL 25, The Cavern HNL 30, Tower of the Universe HNL 30, Jurassic Adventure HNL 25.
Classification: SubterraneaCave Replica
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided/various tours.
V=65,000/a [2019]
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: Museo Para La Infancia "El Pequeño Sula", Boulevard del Sur, contiguo al Gimnasio Municipal, 504, San Pedro Sula 21104,
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07-JUN-2003 childrens museum opened to the public.
2016 inaugurated by Karen de Calidonio the wife of the mayor.


La Caverna (The Cave) is a cave replica for children located in the Museo de la Infancia el Pequeño Sula (Little Sula Children's Museum). The idea is to raise the interest towards Earth Sciences in children. A cave is a mysterious place and offers a lot of interesting things like minerals, rocks, weathering, and cave animals. The cave also contains interactive displays where the children are asked to solve puzzles and quizzes. The replica is actually more or less a copy of the Cuevas de Taulabé, one of the two Honduran show caves.

The project was planned for 12 years and with the support of the mayor and his wife various companies donated the funds for the exhibition. It was then realized by the staff of the museum in only four months. The exhibition was extended by the Jurassic Adventure exhibit in the same year. The interactive learning center was created from the need of the local school system, which lacks science laboratories. The idea was to allow school classes to make day trips to the museum and offer a higher level information, which is not possible at small schools. The Museum covers four important topics, Universe and Environment, History and Values, Art and Sports, and Science and Technology.