Rudnik Zrinski

Zrinski Mine

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Location: Medvednica National Park near Dubravica. North of Zagreb, Gornji Stenjevac.
Open: Sat, Sun, Hol 10-16. [2005]
Fee: Adults HRK 15, Children HRK 10, Students HRK 10, Seniors HRK 10.
Groups: Adults HRK 7. [2005]
Classification: MineLead Mine MineZinc Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Address: Rudnik Zrinski, Medvednica Nature Park, Bliznec b.b., Zagreb 10000, Croatia, Tel: +385-1-4586-317, Fax: +385-1-4586-318. E-mail: contact
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04-DEC-2004 opened to the public.


The Medieval lead and zinc ore mine in the Nature Park Medvednica has be renovated for several years, before it was opened on St. Barbara's day 2004. St. Barbara is the patroness of miners, and a small chapel or at least a vault with a sculpture of her is found in every mine in HRKope. This is the first and so far only tourist mine in Croatia.

The long reconstruction time was used to make the safe and comfortable, but also to install scenes of Medieval mining. Miners in clothes and with tools of those times are shown in scenes of their daily work, built by Damir Pavelic. The atmospere of former times is completed by sounds from numerous hidden loudspeakers: the muffling conversations, the creaking of wooden wheel-barrows, and pick blows in the rock.

There is a special miners greeting in many country, which always was an impression of the dangerous job, and the high risk of being hurt or killed during work. In Croatia this is the word Sretno, which means good luck.

The underground mine tour is completed by other geologic sights of the park. There is the geologic educational trail Miroslavec nearby. This path was created by count Miroslav Kulmer for the pleasure of his wife. Lately the old signs were renovated, which explain the complex geologic history of the area. The signs are very informative, but only in Croatian language. Another nearby sight is the Veternica cave.