Špilja Biserujka

Vitezić Špilja - Slivanjska

Pearls Cave - Knights Cave - Slivanjska Pothole

Useful Information

Location: Island Krk. From the main road Omišali-Krk turn east at Rasopasno. Foloow road over Tribulje, Čižići to Rudine. 300m southwest of Rudine.
Open: APR daily 10-15.
MAY to JUN daily 10-17.
JUL to AUG daily 10-19.
SEP daily 10-17.
OCT daily 10-15.
Fee: Adults HRK 20, Children (5-12) HRK 12, Children (0-4) free.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric
Dimension: L=110m, VR=3-5m, A=50m asl, T=10-13°C,
Guided tours: L=110m, VR=3-5m, D=15min.
Address: Biserujka Špilja, Šilo Turist, Na Vodici 2, 51515 Šilo, Tel: +385-51-852-203, Cell: +385-98-326-203, Fax: +385-51-852-203. E-mail: contact
Info: Cell: +385-98-211-630.
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1998 opened to the public.


Image: Biserujka Cave inside view.

Špilja Biserujka (Biserujka Cave) is located above the bay of Slivanjska. The huge entrance was known for centuries and was the reason of local legends of smugglers, which used it as a hideout. According to a legend the smugglers hid a treasure in this cave, and so it was called Biserjuka. Biser is the croatian word for pearl.