Grgosova Špilja

Grgos' Cave

Useful Information

Location: In Otruševec near Samobor. 28 km from Zagreb. From Samobor drive north to Velika Jazbina, then toOtruševec. Opposite the restaurant Špilja at the road.
Open: All year after appointment. Get key at restaurant Špilja.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=60 m, VR=19 m.
Guided tours: L029 m, D=10 min.
Address: Grgosova Špilja, Josip Grgos, Otruševac 17/4, 10432 Bregana, Tel: +385-1-3375-888.
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1973 discovered by Josip Grgos while quarrying limestone.
1974 protected by law.


Grgosova Špilja is named after its owner, Josip Grgos. It is a small but beautifull cave, consisting only of two chambers. The tour shows the upper chamber, the lower one is not developed.