Modra Špilja

Skuja na Zanje - Blue Grotto - Blue Cave

Useful Information

Location: Island Biševo, 5 km south west of Vis, Dalmatia.
Open: Depending on weather and sunlight.
Fee: Adults HRK 20.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Speleologysea cave
Light: sunlight - you guessed it!
Dimension: L=24 m, W=12, A=0 m asl.
Guided tours:
Address: Turistička zajednica Komiža, Riva Sv. Mikule 2, 21485 Komiža, Tel: +385-21-713-455
Turistička agencija "Komiža", Riva Sv. Mikule 2, 21485 Komiža, Tel: +385-21-713-137, Fax: +385-21-713-137.
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1884 artificial entrance into the cave built.


The Island Biševo is made up of limestone, which is riddled with caves. 26 sea caves are known along the coast of the island, which may all be visited by boat. But the most well known cave is Modra Špilja, the Blue Grotto. It is called Skuja na Zanje in the local dialect.

This blue grotto has a natural entrance below the sea level. The only way to enter the cave was originally by diving. But more than a century ago an artificial tunnel was built to allow visitors to enter the cave by boat. This entrance was inaugurated by Baron Eugen Rensonnet in 1884. But the size of this tunnel is restricted, six-person flat boats are the largest vessels able to fit through the entrance. Visitors have to duck or lie down in the boat because of the low ceiling. The cave is dark except for the sunlight shining through the natural entrance, a deep blue glow coming from below. A swim in the blue water seems to be an optional part of the cave visit.

The location of the cave and the natural entrance make the time between 11 and 12 ideal for a visit. This is the time when the light inside the cave is best. The earlier or later during the day, the less light inside the cave. Early in the morning, and after the sun hits the sea in front of the cave, a visit is absolutely pointless.

The cave has only a single small chamber. Around noon when many visitors arrive it may get rather crowded. The sea water in the main chamber is 16 m deep. There is a sort of rock arch or natural bridge under water, 6 m below the surface, which divides the cahmber into two parts.

The boats typically also visit a second cave, Zelena Špilja (Green Cave).