Izvor Kupe

Useful Information

Location: 51317 Razloge.
Located in Risnjak National Park. A6 E65 exit 4 Lučice, D3 then D32 towards Zagreb. Turn right to Razloge between Gerovski Kraj and Malo Selo, signposted. Large parking lot and info point. From the end of the road 1.8 km/30 minutes walk, elevation gain -229 m.
(45.4911651, 14.6894457)
Open: no restrictions.
Kupe River House: MAY to OCT Mon, Wed-Sun 9-17.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstKarst Spring KarstVauclusian Spring
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=200 m, W=30 m, A=321 m asl.
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: Nacionalni park Risnjak, Bijela Vodica 48, 51317, Crni Lug, Tel: +385-51-836-133, Cell: +385-99-258-6323. E-mail:
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12-DEC-1963 declared a Nature Monument.


The Izvor Kupe (Kupe Spring) and the surrounding 10 ha are protected as a Nature Monument. It is the source of the Kupa river. The Vaucluse type spring has turquise-coloured water and is one of the biggest springs in Croatia. Because of its remote location it is still untouched by mass tourism. The valley below the spring is exceptional with its diverse flora and fauna, most notable are the butterflies.

We recommend a visit to the park visitor center at the Kupe River House not far from the spring. It explains the geology of the spring and the fauna and flora of the valley. It is located at Kupari, just follow the trail downstream. The trail from the village of Razloge to the spring starts at a large parking lot and info point. At Razloge is also the visitor centre called Goranska kuća znanja (Gorski Kotar House of Knowledge). Another trail from Hrvatsko to the spring called Ribička staza (Fisherman’s Path) is currently closed, as a bridge was destroyed by a flood.

The spring is located in Nacionalni park Risnjak (Risnjak National Park). It is part of the Dinaric mountains and karstified. The Kupa river is a right tributary of the Sava. It is 297 km long and forms the border between Croatia and Slovenia.