Robber's Cave

Useful Information

Location: Near Dehradun/Dehra Doon, at the road to Mussoorie (north). 1 km walks from parking lot to the cave.
Open: no restrictions [2007]
Fee: free [2007]
Light: not necessary.
Guided tours:
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Robber's Cave is a small through cave with a stream. Located at the foot of the Himalay, in the northern outkirts of the capital of Uttarakhand, it is a sort of picknick spot with cave adventure. It is possible to walk through the cave, with gum boots or barefooted. You may bring a torch, but it is not necessary, as there is always a little light from openings in the ceiling.

This cave is located in Doon Valley, the term doon or dun means low lands at the foot of a mountain range.