Arwah Cave

Arwah Lumshynna Cave - Krem Lawshynna

Useful Information

Location: Cherrapunji, Meghalaya 793108.
Shillong-Sohra State Highway.
(25.298566, 91.726356)
Open: All year daily 6-18.
Fee: Adults INR 50, Children INR 10.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=3 km.
Guided tours: L=300 m.
Address: Directorate of Tourism, 3rd Secretariat Nokrek Building, Lower Lachumiere, Shillong 793001, Meghalaya, Tel: +91-364-2502580, Cell: +91-76400-03050. E-mail:
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2014 opened to the public.


Located at the Shillong-Sohra State Highway in the Outskirts of Sohra is Krem Arwah (Arwah Cave), currently the youngest show cave of India. The city Cherrapunji is located on a limestone plateau with steep escarpments all around. At the northern end of the city a road branches off to the north, which was built right at the edge of the escarpment, on top of a 200 m high cliff face. It ends at a parking lot, from where a 400 m long paved trail to the cave entrance starts. It offers spectacular views down the 200 m high cliff face of the escarpment.

The cave has concrete trails, electric light and railings. There are numerous speleothems, and especially in the rear part the walls are full of marine fossils.

The cave is known under different names, which makes it a bit confusing. The official name as a show cave is Arwah Cave, but it is also knwon as Lumshynna Cave and Krem Lawshynna. As a result it is listed on some sites multiple times with the different names. A quite spectacular example is tripadvisor.