Krem Mawsmai

Krem Phyllut - Krem Maw Smai

Useful Information

Location: At Mawsmai, 6 km south of Cherrapunjee market.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=4,503 m.
Guided tours: L=250m
Photography: Allowed
Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible
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Krem Mawsmai is the only show cave in Meghalaya, as it is the only one equipped with electric light. All other caves are wild caves which are visited in cave trekking tours. However, the touristic development first of all resulted in a (in)famous sign, which is now published in various caving magazines. The text goes as follows, with stars marking unreadable letters:

Visitors to the cave are requested to follow the following steps:
  1. do not throw rubbish inside the cave.
  2. do not take any piece of rock, plug any flowers, break branches of trees from *** **** ist surrounding area.
  3. drinking of alcohol breaking or throwing bottle inside or outside the cave are not allowed.
  4. visitors are not allowed to cause troubles or fight and speaking dirty and filthy words.
  5. visitors are not allowed to dirty the pond or go for toilet in the surrounding jungle.
Those found violating the above instructions they are liable to be punished by the village d*arbar
** order Sird*r Mawsmai

All in all a list of important and comprehensible rules which are intended to save the cave. You may decide yourself, why cavers and visitor find this sign funny.

Beneath the start of cave tourism in Meghalaya, this is a really impressive cave. It has fine speleothems and is the resource of a big river -fortunately the dry fossil level is visited. The cave some narrow and low spots, and the trail regularly crosses dripstone, as there is almost no developed trail.

Cheerapunji received the highest amount of rainfall in the world, every year for more than a century. Lately it was defeated by Mawsynram, but we will see. The result of such an amount of rain water in combination with moderate temperature is karstification, solution, in an enormous amount, producing huge and impressive caves. Krem Mawsmai with a torl length of two kilometres is one of the small caves.