Xarbes Caves

Xarbez Caves - Khorbast Cave - Kharbas Caves - Qarhaye Khorbast - Kish Underground City

Useful Information

Location: Near Khūrbīz, Queshm island/Geshm island.
Open: All year [2007]
Fee: free [2007]
Guided tours:  
Address: Xarbes Caves, Tel: +98-, Fax: +98-,
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The Xarbes Caves are a series of interconnected caves, originally formed as erosional caves but later, mostly during the Middle Ages expanded by man. The use of the caves started probably around 1,000 BC. Their purpose is somewhat enigmatic, but there are numerous legends. There are stories about pirates who used them as a hideout. Probably they were used for worshiping Gods, as a Mithra temple, which is could explain the name: Xorpas formed of Xor (Sun) and Pas (Guard). Cravings in the caves show ancient religious symbols.