Grotta Palazzese

Useful Information

Location: Polignano a Mare
Open: MAY to OCT daily.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Grotta Palazzese, owner Pietro Mongardi, Via Narciso, 59, 70044, Polignano A Mare (BA), Tel: +39-080 4240677, Fax: +39-080 4240767. E-mail: contact
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Grotta Palazzese is a cave, located prominently in the middle of the cliff face of the Apulian Mediterranean coast. And it is located in the middle of the city of Polignano A Mare. The cave has been used for centuries, there are stairs cut into the rock leading down, there are railings to the sea and a level floor. The cave and the building above are privately owned, the building is a hotel, the cave was transformed into a restaurant. So it is a unique experience to dine in a beatifully furnished cave, righ above the rolling waves and with a view over the Mediterranean Sea.

The specialty of the restaurant is, what else, sea food. Various fishes, lobsters and shellfishes are offered.

The cave is used as a restaurant only during summer. From Octobre to May it is too cold, so the restaurant is relocated to a room above, with the same view but without cave feeling.