Grotta dell'Angelo

Grotta Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo

Useful Information

Location: Sant'Angelo a Fasanella
Open: No restrictions.
This is a catholic church, so it is open daily. Please respect worshipers and services, behave properly.
Fee: free.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave. ExplainCave Church
Light: electric.
Dimension: A=490m asl.
Guided tours:  
Address: Tel: +39-0
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The Grotta dell'Angelo in the town Sant'Angelo a Fasanella is one of numerous cave churches in southern Italy dedicated archangel St. Michael. It was established in the 11th century. The church was founded by a Benedictine monastery, and the abbot Francesco Carocciolo is buried inside the church. The church has a side chapel, whcih is a natural cave. The frescoes from the fourteenth century and the white marble statue of St. Michael are located in the church.