Grotta di San Michele

Useful Information

Location: Minervino Murge, Privincia Barletta-Andria-Trani. Follow Via Canossa (SP230) to the north, turn right after the bridge.
Open: MAY to SEP Sun 10:30-12, 16:30-18.
There may be some open Sundays during APR, also open by appointment.
Fee: Adults EUR 1.50.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave SubterraneaCave Church SubterraneaSt. Michael Caves
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided, D=40 min.
Photography: Allowed
Accessibility: No, several staircases
Address: Contrada San Michele Grotto, Minervino Murge (Bat), Tel: +39-0883-691036, Tel: +39-349-5718094. E-mail: contact
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12-FEB-1000 first written mention of the cave.


The Grotta di San Michele north of s a huge karst cave with many speleothems. The cave entrance is marked by a chapel and the inerior is used as a church dedicate to Archange St Michael. The cave is open on Sundays and there are two yearly festivals held here, on 08-MAY and 29-SEP. Botha re related to St. Michael. On 08-MAY he apparition of the Archangel on the Gargano is celebrated. On 29-SEP is dedicated to consecration of the church.

The cave is obviously know since early Roman times, as remains were found from this era. It seems it was used by Christians during early Christian times. It is first mentioned in a parchment from the year 1000 which is kept in the Abbey of Monte Cassino. The small chapel with the nice front facade is actually only the entrance to the much bigger cave below. A flight of stone staicases leads down into the cavern. Inside the cave is a huge altar with a statue of the Saint.