Grotta di Santa Ninfa

Useful Information

Location: Castello di Rampinzeri, Santa Ninfa (TP).
(37.7797, 12.8976)
Open: after appointment.
Fee: free.
Classification: KarstKarst Trail SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: n/a
Dimension: L=1,500 m.
Guided tours: Path 1: L=3.5 km, VR=150m.
Path 2: L=1.5 km, VR=150m.
Path 3: L=1.1 km, VR=120m.
Path 4: L=230 m, VR=30m.
Path 5: L=500 m, VR=70m.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Sede della Riserva Naturale “Grotta di Santa Ninfa”, Castello di Rampinzeri, c.p. 4264041, CAP 91029 – Santa Ninfa (TP), Cell: 39-329-8620475–73. E-mail:
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1800s karst features first scientific explored.
2000 Natura 2000 site "Complex of the Mountains of Santa Ninfa and Gibellina and Grotta di Santa Ninfa" established.
APR-2016 Centro Esplora Ambiente (Exploring Environment Center) in the Rampinzeri Castle inaugurated.


Grotta di Santa Ninfa has two levels. The upper level is fossil, the lower level is a river cave. The river flows through a 2.5 km long blind valley and then sinks into the cave. After 450 m the water reappears in the Conca del Biviere.

The whole area around the cave is protected as a karst preserve. There are five trails through the preserve with different topics. Legambiente offers guided excursions for groups of up to 50 participants which are free. Participants meet at the Visitor Center in the Rampinzeri Castle. The castle also contains the Centro Esplora Ambiente (Exploring Environment Center). The excursion starts with a visit of the exhibition. It is not possible to visit the cave, but one trail includes the ancient necropolis.

Path 1: From the forest ethno-anthropological museum to the Conca del Biviere doline.
Path 2: From the locality Cubola along the right side of the Vallone Biviere, with many karst forms.
Path 3: From the source of the Biviere stream to the necropolis of Finestrelle to the summit of Monte Finestrelle (662 m asl).
Path 4: A short walk from the Conca Biviere to the GiocoBosco, where the environmental education and naturalistic didactic activities take place.
Path 5: A short walk to the entrance to the Grotta di Santa Ninfa, educational path with didactic panels.

For excursions along the paths wear sneakers or trekking shoes, long trousers, sun protection and a sun hat. In case of bad weather bring a waterproof jacket. Always carry enough water.