Spiaggia della Grotta Verde

Useful Information

Location: Lungomare Delle Agavi, 73032 Marina di Andrano LE.
(39.963517, 18.404647)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: TopicBlue Grottos SpeleologyKarst Cave SpeleologySea Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Spiaggia della Grotta Verde, Marina di Andrano, 73032 Andrano, Tel: +39-08361-901120, Cell: +39-350-0040265. E-mail:
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Spiaggia della Grotta Verde (Green Grotto Beach) is a blue cave, despite the green colour. The principle is simple: the cave has a connection to the sea, the sunlight from outside shines into the cave, filtered by the water. Normally the result is blue, sometime turquoise, or in rare cases greenish. This is one of the greenish cases.

The location of this cave is unique, it is located in the village Marina di Andrano. The coast here is rocky, a limestone cliff which is not very good for bathing. There are a few very small coves with sand. And there are landing stages, which allow to enter the sea from the cliff. And there is this cave, which fortunately has an opening to the land. So it's possible to walk into the cave and bath in the green glow. Actually there are cracks in the walls which allow sunlight to pass through, reflecting on the water.

The cave is located on the SS358 road between Otranto with Santa Maria di Leuca. The road is here only a few meters from the coast, there is a huge parking lot, and a peninsula with a public bath on the left side, a sunbathing platform in the middle, and the cave on the right side.