Cava del Piastraio

Useful Information

Location: Near Levigliani, 48 km from Lucca, 57 km from Pisa.
Autostrada A12 Genova-Rosignano exit Versilia. 20 km to Levigliani across Querceta, Seravezza, Ruosina, and Retignano. Mine tickets at the ticket office of the Parco Regionale delle Alpi Apuane near the church at the town center. The tour als starts here with 4WD.
Fee: Per Person EUR 30.
Classification: MineLimestone Mine
Light: n/a.
Dimension: A=1,300 m asl.
Guided tours: D=2 h, 4WD and Aperitivo del cavatore included.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no, wooden ladders
Address: Miniere di Argento Vivo, Via nord 27, 55040 Levigliani LU, Tel: +39-0584-778405. E-mail:
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Although this is not Carrara, the marble mined here is from the same geologic unit and of comparable quality.


The Cava del Piastraio is one of numerous marble quarries in the area. Cava is the local name for a marble quarry. The tour starts at the ticket office of the Corchia Park in Levigliani. Vistors are driven to the quarry which is located high up in the mountains with 4WD. Equipped with a helmet it is possible to enter a not currently quarried section of the huge quarry, including one of the enormous caverns which are a result of the quarrying. Those cathedral like caverns are probaly the reason why marbke quarries are locally called cava. You can see huge marble blocks, cubes with a size of almost 2 m, which are ready to be sold. After the hike the visitors are invited to an aperitivo del cavatore (quarryman's aperitif) which includes lard aged in marble and wine aged in the underground cellar of ShowcaveAntro del Corchia.

The local marble is mined since Roman times, the quarries have been the economic and social center of the area for 2000 years. And until today they are an important employer, bringing income to the remote villages.