Miniera di Raibl

Raibl Mine

Useful Information

Location: Cave del Predil, 15 km south of Tarvisio, near the Italian/Austrian/Slovenian border. Provincia di Udine.
Classification: MineLead Mine MineZinc Mine Geological Lead Mine Museum, vitriol. Dolomitic limestone in contact with upper Permian limestones.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Address: Miniera di Raibl, Dott. Pahor Claudio, Cave del Predil, Tel: +39-428-68257, Fax: +39-428-68257.
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14th century three mines active in the area, Emperor Philip the Nice conceeded a group of miners the permission to extract lead and zinc.
19th century property of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Earls Hanckel Von Donnersmarck, half and half.
1918 after World War I area annexed by Italy, Italian government assigns extraction concessions to the Society Cave del Predil.
1953 mine changes hand various times.
1963 becomes property of Italian government, exployted by Azienda Mineraria Metallurgica Italiana (AMMI).
1965 becomes property of Friuli Venezia Giulia government.
1976 mine not profitable any more, plans to close it.
1978-1986 mine conducted by SAMIM.
06-FEB-1991 mine closed.


Located in a narrow valley of the Julian Alps, the small village Raibl was always famous for its ores. After World War I the former Austrian town belonged to Italy, and is today called Cave del Predil. Nearby Predil Pass (Raiblpaß) is now the border to Slovenia. The village is surrounded by the the forest selva di Tarvisio and the impressive mountains Königsberg and Fünfspitze. The existence of the small village was completely dependent of the sucess of the mining.