Miniera San Aloisio-Tassara

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Location: At the provincial road near Collio, Val Trompia.
Open: MAY to JUL Sat, Sun 14-18.
AUG daily 14-18.
SEP Sat, Sun 14-18.
Last tour: 17.
Classification: ExplainIron Mine
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: Miniera San Aloisio-Tassara, Via provinciale, 25060 Collio V.T.
Agenzia Parco Minerario dell'Alta Valle Trompia, C/o Miniera S. Aloisio-Tassara, Via Strada Provinciale, 25060 Collio VT (Bs), Tel: +39-030-9280022, Fax: +39-030-9280023. E-mail: contact
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1870 mine opened.
1985 mine closed.



The Miniera San Aloisio-Tassara (San Aloisio-Tassara Mine) was the richest and most extensive siderite mining concession of the Val Trompia (Trompia Valley). It was the last iron mine of the valley, but finally it had to be closed in 1985. Its heyday was around 1936, when the mine had great importance for the fascist government at the dawn of World War II. The mine has a total of several tens of kilometers.

The underground mine tours are not classical show mine tours, they are more like an underground via ferrata. The smaller tour, called Miniera Avventura (Mine Adventure) is a series of 21 passaggi aerei (aerial intersections) which means suspension bridges, ropes, ladders, or walkways. So it is actually not for elderly or unfit persons. But it is much fun for children. The long tour is called Trekking Minerario (Mine Trekking) and explores a 4.4 kilometer long course underground. Vistors are equipped with helmets and water tight jackets.

The new museum has panels presenting the steps of the ore processing, grading up, roasting, and the collection in the silos.