Trentino and Alto Adige

Trentin und Südtirol

This northern part of Italy is part of the Alps with mountains between 3000 and 4000 m asl. Many of those mountains consist of limestone, so its rather natural to find caves. The northern part are the Dolomites, named after the French geologist ExplainDéodat de Dolomieu, respectively the rock named after him. The whole mountain range is called Southern Limestone Alps.

There is only one show cave in the Trentino/Alto Adige area, the Grotta Parolini (Grotte Oliero). This is a little surprising, as all the mountains in this area consist of limestone. The limestone, of course, is "riddled with caves".

Volcanic processes in the history of the mountains produced rich ore veins, numerous mines in this area have a long history.