Grotta di Castello Tesino

Useful Information

Location: Castello Tesino. Follow road n. 78 Valsugana-Strigno-Bieno-Pieve Tesino-Castello Tesino. At the crossing with the road to Passo del Broccon
Open: all year by appointment.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: carbide lamps.
Dimension: A=861 m asl
Guided tours: D=60 min.
Address: Tesintur, Via Don Narciso Sordo, 10, 38053 Castello Tesino, Tel. +39-0461-593250-594857
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1927 first explored by Da Rugna.
1928 start of the development.
1953 exploration by the Gruppo Grotte della SAT.
1955 first attempts to dive the terminal siphon by the Gruppo Grotte di Milano and the Gruppo Grotte della SAT. New length of the cave is 630 m.
1989 again diving exploration. The Associazione Alpina Slovena di Trieste explores three more siphons and extends the length of the cave to 780 m.


The Grotta di Castello Tesino is developed as a show cave with paths, but it has no electric light. The light is provided by the guide, who also provides helmets. But as the cave tour is rather rough, old clothes, rubber boots and working gloves, are a good idea.

The natural entrance of the cave opens onto the gravel bed of the Senaiga torrent. But this entrance is flooded most of the time. Nearby an artificial entrance was built, which is accessible all the year.

The tour shows the first part of the cave to the first siphon.