The Caves of the Bussento River

Inghiottitoio del Bussento - Grotta del Bussento

Useful Information

Location: Between Caselle in Pittari and Morigerati.
Autostrada A3 SA-RC exit Padula. SP Bussentina towards Policastro exit Caselle in Pittari. In the Caselle in Pittari follow signs to Morigerati.
Grotta del Bussento: In the center of Bussento, at the Piazza Piano La Porta follow the main road Granatelli downhill. The secon road on the right is Via Buccieri. Follow it to the end. From here the trail to the WWF Oasis and the cave starts. (40°8'43.71"N, 15°32'59.83"E)
Inghiottitoio del Bussento: 2.2 km north of Caselle in Pittari. Follow the old road, the Via Nazional to Sant'Eliano.
Open: no restrictions [2007]
Fee: free [2007]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=1,200 m.
Guided tours:
Address: Tel: +39-0
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1931 Bussento sinkhole was reported to the Italian Institute of Speleology by Trotta.
1952 speleologic exploration by Baron Franchetti of the Circolo Speleologico Romano (Roman Speleological Club).
1956 speleologic exploration.
1982 speleologic exploration.
1995 WWF Oasis "Grotte del Bussento" founded.


The cave system near Caselle in Pittori, formed by the river Bussento, is really exceptional. In consists of a bunch of caves and cave entrances, and at one point swallows the whole river. It is so huge, it even appears on a road map, if you know how to read the signs. So let us start with the river. The river goes underground north of Caselle in Pittori in the Inghiottitoio del Bussento at an altitude of 287 m asl. It runs south underground, below Monte Pannello (825 m asl) and reappears in the Risorgenza del fiume Bussento near Morigerati at a height of 211 m asl. The underground course is some 6 km long and descends about 70 m.

The Inghiottitoio del Bussento (Sink of the River Bussento) is located easz of the village Caselle in Pittari. It is really impressive, with a 20 m high portal, 10 m wide. This place is not well signposted, so it is rather difficult to find. The best way is to follow the old road to the north, turn right at the first possibility and the walk downhill.

The Risorgenza del fiume Bussento (Resurgence of the River Bussento) is located below the village Morigerati. From the village is a trail to a socalled WWF Oasis, which is a nature reserve maintained by the WWF. This place covers the area around the cave entrance, so it has both, the flora and fauna of a valley with river below and without river above the spring. The entranc part of the spring, about 80 m, are well developed with a trail along the wall.

This area with its caves was first explored during the 1950s by Baron Franchetti and other cavers from the Circolo Speleologico Romano (Roman Speleological Club). They connected the caves of Orsivacca, Bacuta, Carabo and Cozzetta.