Grotta di Monte Cucco

Useful Information

Location: Tickets at the Info Point, Corso Mazzini 22, 06021 Costacciaro.
The tours start at the Pian di Monte. From the town Sigillo follow road SP244 uphill. The starting point is behind the Rifugio "La Valetta" with the restaurant "dal lepre", where the road ends. Both cave and rifugio are signposted.
Open: APR to MAY Sat, Sun 10.
JUN to mid-JUL Sat, Sun 10, 15.
Mid-JUL to AUG daily 10, 15.
Info Point: APR to mid-JUL Sat, Sun 9-12, 15-18.
Mid-JUL to AUG daily 9-13, 14-17.
SEP Sat, Sun 9-12, 15-18.
Fee: Adults EUR 14, Children (8-14) EUR 12, Children (0-7) not allowed, Seniors EUR 12, Locals EUR 12.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 12, Children (8-14) EUR 10.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightLED Lighting
Dimension: L=30 km, VR=927 m, T=6 °C, H=100%.
Guided tours: L=800 m, D=2-3 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: not accessible
Address: Presidio Guide della Grotta di Monte Cucco, Pian di Monte, SP244, 06028 PG, Tel: +39-075-917-1046.
Info Point, Corso Mazzini 22, 06021 Costacciaro, Mobile: +39-351-282-7335. E-mail:
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18-NOV-1551 first graffiti by army colonel Messer Ludovico Santacroce Fabriano.
1951 cave named Grotta di Monte Cucco.
2009 opened to the public.


Grotta di Monte Cucco (Monte Cucco Cave) is located on top of Monte Gucco in the Parco regionale del Monte Cucco, a nature park along the border between Umbria and Marche. The Tours are a little more strenuous than the average tourist cave, but the shortest tour is fully developed with trails, iron and plastic bridges and staircases, and with LED light. The longer tours are adventure tours which include rough terrain and crawling.