Grotte di Nettuno

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Grotte di Nettuno, Sardinia. Public Domain.
Location: Sassari, near Capo Caccia, northwest Sardegna.
By boot from Alghero or by foot, 700 steps from the cliff down to the cave.
(40°33'48.69"N, 8°9'48.28"E)
Open: spring to autumn
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: L=600 m, VR=10 m, D=60 min. V=180,000/a [2000] V=170,000/a [2008]
Address: Grotte di Nettuno, I-07041 Alghero - Sassari, Tel: +39-079-979054, Fax: +39-079-974881
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1870 cave tours by boat started.
1954 stairs to the entrance built.


Grotte di Nettuno, Sardinia. Public Domain.
Grotte di Nettuno, Sardinia. Public Domain.

The Grotte di Nettuno is located on the top of a peninsula in the northwest of Sardinia. At the end of the road is a trail uphill to a lighthouse, which is located almost above the cave entrance. The entrance, in the middle of the vertical cliff is reached on a narrow footpath, which was cut into the soft limestone. The trail is called escala del cabirol (goat staircase) and was built in 1954. But the cave had been open to the public for a century before, it was visited by boat through the sea entrance.

The cave was discovered in the 18th century from the sea by a local fisherman. He was fishing off the peninsula, when he spottet an entrance in the cliff face. The entrance is above the water level and not easy to reach. Only during storms the seawater splashes into the cave entrance.

One of the highlights of this cave is the 120 m long cave lake. It is connected with the sea and contains salt water.