Kleine Berlin

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Location: Trieste
Classification: SubterraneaWorld War II Bunker
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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The bunker system Kleine Berlin in Trieste is only a small part of the World War II bunkers in this city. They were half built by and for Germans, the other half was for the local. Like all other bunkers it was forgotten for more than 50 years, untily it was rediscovered by Italian speleologists specialized in Subterranea. The city of Trieste and other institutions are now aware of the historic monument, and a first part of the facility was renovated and houses a exhibition now. It is planned to create a small museum in the bunker, probably a World War II museum, or a art gallery.

The bunker got the name Kleine Berlin as a sort of Joke. As most of this bunker was built by the Germans and was intended for the German occupants, it was called little Berlin by the locals. And they said it in German, not in Italian, or at least in what they thought was German. The e at the end of Kleine, which is spoken in both Italian and German, does not exist, Germans would say Klein Berlin. However, the name, written like this, is today used for this old German bunker.

At the moment we were no able to find out accessibility and open hours. But the place is already mentioned on numerous webpages, all of them in Italian.