Ristorante Grotta Marinara

Useful Information

Location: City center of Gallipoli.
Open: All year daily. [2014]
Fee: Free. [2014]
Classification: SubterraneaUnderground Factory
Light: Electric
Guided tours: no
Photography: Allowed
Address: Ristorante Grotta Marinara, Via Cesare battisti, 13, 73014 Gallipoli (LE), Tel: +39-0833-264030, Cell: +39-340-2807746.
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This fine restaurant is located inside a former underground oil mill. And it serves fine sea food. This is the reason why it was named Grotta Marinara. It is located on an island, on which the old city of Gallipoli was erected. This is only one of numerous similar oil mills, actually Gallipoli had 19 such mills, but as a restaurant it is open to the public for free, and you can have a good meal while sightseeing. Drawback: there are no visible remains of the mill, only the chambers which once housed it.