Rifugio Antiaereo Martana

Massa Air Raid Shelters

Useful Information

Location: Massa, near La Spezia, south of Genoa. Entrance from Via Prado.
Open: On special occasions, local festivities and after appointment.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaWorld War II Bunker
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=300 m.
Guided tours: L=300 m, V=3,000/a [2009]
Address: Associazione Culturale Sancio Pancia, Via Sottoponte 3, Massa, Tel: 253783-3485412206. E-mail: contact
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1942 use as air raid shelter.
15-SEP-1944 city was evacuated.
1945 abandoned.
03-JUN-2006 first stage of renovation completed and inaugurated.
2007 Massa Congress for study of WWII air raid shelters.


The Rifugio Antiaereo Martana (Air Raid Shelter Martana) was renovated by the city council since 2006. It is now operated by the non-profit organization Associazione Sancio Pancia di Massa.

During World War II former wine cellars and other cellars were extended to create air raid shelters. One of those bunkers is renovated and open to the public. It has entrances from Via Bigini, Via Prado, and Piazza Martana.

Massa is located only 5 km from Carrara, the rocks below the city are composed of fine marble similar to that at Carrara. In autumn 2007 the city of Massa was the location of the Massa Congress for study of WWII air raid shelters, organized by the National Federation of Artificial Cavities (FNCA).