Grotta San Francesco

Eremo delle Carceri - St. Francis's Hermitage

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Location: Near Assisi.
Classification: ExplainCave Church
Light: electric.
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The Eremo delle Carceri, the hermitage of St. Francis, is a combination od naturla caves, artificial caves and churches and chapels built on to. A complex of chapels and buildings grew up above the Saint's cave. However, he did not start from scratch, as some legends tell: he did not just pitch a tent out in the woods somewhere. The place has been a hermitage before he appeared, it was used by Benedictine monks. Today there is a warren of very small rooms, many serving as chapels. In the first church, built by the great Franciscan preacher St. Bernardino di Siena, St. Francis's pillow is kept: a piece of wood.

Rather small and unimposing is the central cave, the place where St. Francis retreated from time to time. He slept in a niche in the bare rock.