Grotta di Seiano

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Location: Discesa Coroglio 36, 80123 Napoli.
(40.7999824, 14.1762309)
Open: Guided Tour: All year Tue-Fri 11, Sat, Sun 10:30, 12:15.
Accompanied Tour: All year Tue-Sun 9:15.
Fee: Guided Tour: Adults EUR 7, Children (6-14) EUR 4, Children (0-5) free.
Accompanied Tour: free.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=793 m.
Guided tours: Guided Tour: D=1.5 h.
Accompanied Tour: D=1 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Grotta di Seiano, Parco Archeologico del Pausilypon, Discesa Coroglio, 36, 80123 Napoli NA, Tel: +39-328-594-7790. E-mail:
Centro Studi Interdisciplinari Gaiola onlus, Via F. Petrarca 49, 80122 Napoli, Tel: +39-081-2403235, Fax: +39-081-2403235 E-mail:
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1st century BC Villa di Publio Vedio Pollione built by the Roman Knight Publio Vedio Pollio.


Grotta di Seiano (Cave of Seiano) is despite the name not a cave at all, it is an 800 m long Roman tunnel which crosses the hill of Posillipo. The entrance for visitors is at the Discesa Coroglio road near the Belvedere Cesare Andrea Bixio. There is actually a bus stop for the Parco Archeologico del Pausilypon. The archaeological remains are located at the southern side of the hill, and they are reached through the 800 m long straight and spacious tunnel which is of Roman origin. It was actually built by the Romans almost 2,000 years ago to connect the two sides of the hill. At the southern end is a typical semicircular Teatro Greco-Romano, the Odeion, and the remains of the Villa di Publio Vedio Pollione, built in the 1st century BC by the Roman Knight Publio Vedio Pollio. The site was named after this villa, which is also called the Pausilypon villa.

This archaeological site is located in the northwest of Naples, near the village Pozzuoli, It is part of the Campi Flegrei (Phlegraean Fields), the most active volcanic area od Naples. The villa is located at one of the most spectacular spots at the gulf, the

There are two different visits, an unguided but "accompanied" visit and a guided visit. The site may not be visited self-guided, probably to protect the site from damages, unintentional or intentional. On the guided tour, the guide will explain the background of the remains and related historic events. The other tours are almost self-guided, there are no explanations, the visitors are accompanied by a representative of the association. The unguided tour is free, and while there are actually no explanations, its nevertheless necessary to keep together in a group and follow the orders of the non-guide. For both tours, it is recommended to make an online booking, especially in times with more visitors, on weekends and during the holiday season.