L'Osteria del Tempo Perso

Useful Information

Location: Ostuni. A14 Milano-Bari or A16 Roma-Bari exit Bari nord towards Brindisi, S.S. 379 Bari-Brindisi exit Pilone-Rosa Marina.
Open: All year daily.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: L'Osteria del Tempo Perso, Ostuni, Tel: +39-0831-304819, Fax: +39-0831-303320. E-mail: contact
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1500 first cavern excavated.
1983 restaurant opened.


The restaurant L'Osteria del Tempo Perso is located in the historic center of the Apulian city Ostuni. It has two huge underground caves, the first is called la Grotta del '500 and offers a uniquie architecture of a hand dug cave with niches and crooked walls, the second is called Il Museo della civiltà contadina or simply Sala Museo and offers numerous exhibits of rural life on the high walls of the vault.