Vicus Caprarius

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Location: 25 Vicolo del Puttarello, Rome. (41.9004, 12.4841)
Open: All year Tue, Thu, Sat 15-19, Wed, Fri, Sun 10-14.
Fee: Adults EUR 3, Children (14-17) EUR 1, Children (0-13) free, Students (18-25) EUR 1.50.
Guided Tours: Adults EUR 6.
Classification: SubterraneaMuseums
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Vicus Caprarius, 25 Vicolo del Puttarello, Rome, 00187, Tel: +39-339-7786192.
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The Vicus Caprarius (City of Water) is actually not an underground structure. During Roman times it was an insulae, a Roman apartment complex, which was built after the Great Fire of 64. It was transformed into a domus, an upper-class house, during the 4th-century. As a result the excavations revealed items of daily life, but also valuables of the upper class inhabitants. And there is the Roman aqueduct Aqua Virgo (Virgin Water) which transported fresh drinking water from the hills into a huge cistern named castellum aqua (Castle of Water). From here it This water supply was used in the Baroque, when the famous Trevi Fountain was erected. The fountain is actually fed by the Roman aqueduct.